The Best Veggie Burger in Town

In a world of rising environmentally aware foodies, the eternal search for the perfect vegetarian burger is upon us. In my expedition across the Victorian galaxy for this delectable item, I began to think about some requirements for the perfect veggie burger. It must be moist, flavourful and creative – unlike any other food item ever consumed.

I am a strict vegetarian, not to be confused with being vegan, as my love for cheese has set me far apart from that category of dietary restriction. My vegetarian endeavours across this fine city have included both horrible and heavenly experiences. You see, a dry burger is something I dread more than the blood of a living bovine. There is nothing worse than biting into a crumbling piece of soy and cardboard. Since veggie burgers do not have the inimitable taste of meat, there is a dire need for delicious and innovative flavours.

Below I give you the top three medalists for the best vegetarian burger in town:

3) Rebar Almond Burger
This mouth-watering nut burger is served on a multi-grain kaiser bun topped with fresh salsa, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, sprouts, red onion, tomato and jack or feta cheese. The nutty flavour explosion mixed with a perfectly soft texture gives this burger a bronze medal in this local burger competition.

2) Irish Times Garden Burger
A housemade chickpea patty surprisingly captivates the palette with artichoke, roasted garlic and wild mushrooms, topped with Amber ale cheddar and smoked garlic aioli. The Irish Times busts this beauty out of nowhere giving you a flavourful beast of a burger making it the silver medal contender.

1) Scotty’s Veggie Burger at The Fernwood Inn
The gold medalist in this vegetarian food-off is from the ever-so-lovely Fernwood Inn. I am a huge fan of this garbanzo bean, oat and brown rice patty. Enticing flavours include roasted bell pepper, hummus, garlic, gooey melted smoked cheddar and what I believe to be is a secret hint of cumin and curry. There is something about this moist and saucy burger that is like no other – if I ever meet this so called “Scotty” I will give him a firm handshake and Vulcan mind meld to steal his recipe and make millions. Beam me up Scotty.


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